Tuesday, July 31, 2007

What You Deserve

America has always profess itself to be the great land of opportunity. Immigrants from all over the world come to this country because they firmly believe that they can lead a better life here then their country of origin. This image of the country was purposedly constructed to enforce the social strata that we now experience. This social strata ironically is what keeps most of these immigrants near the bottom rung of America's social hierarchy. This myth that anyone can make it in this country if he or she works hard enough fuels this narrow minded view that a person must constantly prove their worthiness to receive that they deserve the benefits that this country offer.
I call this view of people constantly having to prove their worth in this country narrow minded and borderline barbaric because the people that cannot prove their worthiness of America's benefits are systematically disregarded. This group includes this country's poor and documented and undocumented immigrants. A prime example of this is in the health care system. I recently watched President Bush give a speech where he promised health care to every child in proverty, but he continued to say giving health care to poor adults as inappropiate. To Bush giving free health care to poor adults is wrong because they do not do anything to deserve it. This nonsensical way of thinking leads to ambulances dropping homeless people in the alley.
The poor eventivably becomes on no consequence to the American consience.
Immigrants also have to prove their worth to be in this country. Coming here in tself can be an ordeal whether one has proper documents or not. On top of this ordeal they have to work their way to gain acceptance for the Americam public. It is my belief that if they are only here to work to better our society that you will be allowed to work. Especially since such trade agreements like NAFTA made a lot of potential immigrants from Mexico and other Latin American country lose their jobs. That is my take on the subject, what is yours?


Wednesday, July 18, 2007

More dedication to this blog.

I will be posting more on this blog very soon. I just got back from Minnesota and got a lot to tell about my fraternity's conclave. It was surprisingly very exciting and we had a step show this time. (That was the first time in a long time). So stay tuned for upcoming posts.