Wednesday, May 16, 2007

By popular demand

Some of you wanted me to post more poetry. So I decided to hit you with a revised version of a poem I already posted. Enjoy.

Strange encounters with the stupid kind

I just want to ask you a question
just one simple question
“What frat is that on your jacket?”
but when I roll up to you
and asked the question with my talker
you exclaim "get away from me" and apruptly walk away
now I know I don't look like an idiot
with my designer jeans and expensive nike sneakers
and the talker I speak eloquently with
and create art out of syntax grammar structure
that your closed mind would not even fathom
and yet you walk away from a free lesson
of how to shatter your assumptions
a lesson I would freely teach you
and from the looks of it
your are in desperate need for the abridged course
but I understand if you have to go
nobody probably taught you
You stop and listen
when a wise man
decides to drop some knowledge in your lap

By Lateef H. McLeod



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