Saturday, April 14, 2007

One of my poems

This is one of my poems I recently wrote. It corresponds with the Ablism post I did:

Strange encounters with the stupid kind

I just want to ask you a question
you see your crossing jacket
reminded me of my own crossing jacket
the Red Greek letters of Nu Alpha Kappa
on your white jacket
reminds me of the Krimson Greek letters of Kappa Alpha Psi
that was originally Kappa Alpha Nu
on my kreme crossing jacket
so I just wanted to ask you about your organization
just one simple question
but when I rolled up to you
and asked the question with my talker
you exclaim "get away from me" and apruply walked away
now I know I don't look homeless with my designer jeans and expensive nike sneakers
and the talker I speak with cost much more then what you make at your summer job
so actually the only charity that would go on between us
is me to teach you how to act and from the looks of it your are in desperate need
it is all for the best though
I looked you up on your fraternity's website and got your name
and you still don't have mine

By Lateef H. McLeod


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