Wednesday, March 19, 2008


In the last few days I watched the idiot circus that we call the news media lampoon Senator Obama and his pastor for the comments that the pastor said. Let me make this clear Pastor Jeremiah Wright was criticizing the American power structure that has hegemony over everything in this country and most of the world. This criticism is in accordance with the criticism Jesus Christ had for the Roman Empire. It is criticism that the US needs to deal with to come to realize its continuing neglect of those who fall victim to the policies of our capitalist system. Granted his words were strong, but I think they came from a place of frustration in seeing that America is slow to change. As I watch the fall out from his comments I am continually saddened that the American public took offense to comments that were not about them but those who have too much control on their life. The more I think about it I realize that the American public was directed to react this way so they wouldn't challenge the real corporate power structure in this country. That is a real scary thought.


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Hey Lateef!
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